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Technical characteristics of multilayer co extrusion blown film production equipment

In the global plastic packaging film market, the proportion of multi-layer co extrusion film with nylon is inc...

2021-03-27 1293
Effect of film blowing process on film properties

Blown film technologyThe process flow of blown film is plasticizing and extruding material to form tube blank,...

2021-03-27 1419
High end market -- the inevitable trend of plastic film blowing machine development

The rapid development of China&#39;s food industry has led to the development of the food packaging industry; ...

2021-03-27 1218
Several kinds of plastic packaging films produced by film blowing machine

Plastic packaging and plastic packaging products have become more and more popular in the market. Especially c...

2021-03-27 1165
Inspection and maintenance of film blowing machine

Daily inspection and equipment maintenance1. Check whether the temperature self-control is in good condition a...

2021-03-27 1243
How to eliminate the wrinkle of blown film

In the blowing process, the instability of the film bubble from entering the air ring to the maximum diameter ...

2021-03-27 1474